Woman King Arise

Kingship: the state or position of being a king.

Kingship is not just a title or about wearing a crown seated on a throne, instead it’s a state of being and responsibility. It’s about reflecting the Kingdom we represent, reigning with love, integrity, compassion, and justice on Earth as it is in Heaven. Our authority is not to be wielded for selfish gain or to dominate our fellow man. Kingship is a responsibilty to master the Kingdom within us according to Luke 17:20-21. This dominion was given to us to legislate over God’s creation and all the power of the enemy to uplift and empower those around us Genesis 1:28, Luke 8:19.

Although King’s have been associated solely with men, notoriety and wealth in the past. It’s important to understand that Kingship, the state of being is not defined by gender specificity, wealth or status alone, but also by noble character and trustworthiness. By understanding God’s original intent for monarchy and by embracing this identity as His Kings & Priest, we can exude the Sovereignty of God that will transform families, communities, nations and the world at large that the Earth desperately awaits, irrespective of gender. Romans 8:19, Revelation 1:6.

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